Solar Energy Solutions Can Accelerate Your Journey to Financial Independence

A Star Plus Energy solution can make you more financially secure. State and federal tax rebates and incentives are available to help homeowners like you recoup the initial investment, giving your system an immediate payback and accelerating your journey to energy independence. Our team can help you navigate your tax credit potential and unlock the maximum financial benefits of a solar power system.

A photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system converts sunlight into electricity to help you save money on your energy costs, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These systems are most familiar on the roofs of homes, but can also be ground-mounted and in the walls or windows of commercial or industrial buildings.

On a larger scale, PVs are used to generate electricity at large solar power stations across the world. One of the largest is in California’s Mojave Desert, which produces 650 gigawatt-hours each year. Solar power stations use lenses and mirrors to focus and concentrate the sun’s energy onto a small area, which then heats a fluid and produces electricity or another form of energy.

The most significant drawback to PVs is their cost. However, this disadvantage is being mitigated as the industry grows and technology improves. In addition, leasing options are available to reduce the upfront expense, and the return on your investment can be very high over time. It is important to work with a reputable solar energy company who can explain the options and provide you with a clear, transparent pricing structure.

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