Types of Portable Fire Fighting Pumps

A fire fighting pump is a pressure-increasing component used in fire sprinkler systems and fire hydrants, as well as boosting water supplies for use with firefighting hoses. Fire pumps are often found integrated into fire trucks and boats, but they can also be portable. These units are designed to meet world wide regulations governing exhaust emissions and sound levels, and use advanced materials and engine technology for reliable operation and longevity.

Portable pumps can be grouped into different classes by the amount of pressure they provide and the volume they deliver. SPIEDR offers a range of pumps to suit any department’s needs and budget, including high pressure and low-volume options.

High pressure pumps can produce 220-375 psi net pump pressure at 110-155 gpm (US GPM). They are useful for wildfires and long distance hose lays, or to overcome elevation differences in the system. These models have a hard-anodized body for lightweight and durability, bronze impellers and replaceable wear rings, an oil-less design, and fewer wearing components to keep maintenance costs down.

Low pressure pumps can provide 60 gpm at 90 psi net pump pressure through 2 1/2-inch discharge, and they are ideal for minor structural fires or to fill booster tanks on apparatus. These pumps are often used with smaller diameter hoses and foam nozzles.

Stationary fire pumps are a key element of fire suppression systems and hydrants, and they need to start up reliably for testing the water/water mist system or in the event of a fire. These pumps are usually a centrifugal pump that is powered by either a gasoline or diesel engine and has a protective frame. portable fire fighting pump

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