Shoe Size Conversion Tables

Shoe sizing is different around the world, and it would be much easier to shop if all shoe manufacturers used the same sizing system. Fortunately, you can use shoe size conversion tables to easily determine your shoe size in other countries. Just take your foot measurement accurately, then select the country sizing chart from the list below to see how your measurements relate to their shoes.

The standard metric shoe sizes, which are defined by ISO 407:2015 Footwear – Sizing – Conversion of sizing systems, use both foot length and last width as measured in millimetres with length steps of 5 mm for shoes and 7.5 mm for protective/safety footwear. Optional foot width designations include narrow, normal (medium or regular), and wide grades.

If you are shopping for shoes online, check the merchant’s return policy before making your purchase. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to try on a pair of shoes and make sure they are the right fit. Also, be aware that the width of the shoes may differ between men’s and women’s styles.

The best method for determining your shoe size is to measure the width of your feet with a ruler or tape measure while they are at their largest size at the end of the day when they’re most swollen. Also, be sure to measure your feet while wearing the type of socks you’ll wear with the shoes. Depending on the style of shoes, you can choose from various widths, including narrow, wide, medium, and extra wide.

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