Choosing a High Precision Balance

A high precision balance is a laboratory scale designed to measure the mass of small objects with extreme accuracy. These instruments are indispensable tools for many scientific and industrial applications including research, experimentation, production, and quality control. With their superior sensitivity and accuracy, precision and analytical balances offer distinct advantages over other weighing equipment. Choosing the right balance for your application depends on several factors, including the desired weighing capacity and level of precision you need. Whether you need an analytical or precision balance will also depend on the type and size of your samples. Other considerations include your budget constraints, the environment in which you will work and the specific application for which you are buying a balance.

To ensure that your balance performs to its fullest potential, make sure that it is located in a low traffic area and shielded from drafts, humidity and temperature fluctuations. These factors can cause inaccurate measurements or a loss of calibration. It is recommended to calibrate your high precision balance on a weekly basis, or even daily for some applications.

If you are looking for a high-precision lab balance to measure your samples, Waagenet has the best models to meet your needs. Our selection of precision lab balances includes large pan Luna, Solis and Equinox models that provide high capacities, a wide range of readabilities and a sturdy construction to withstand the harshest conditions. We also carry a large range of accessories such as draft shields and a dustproof weighing tray for maximum protection against contaminants. high precision balance

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