PTFE Hose Manufacturer – Unisource TSVO Series

PTFE has a unique blend of properties that make it perfect for food processing, pharmaceuticals and other industries that require hygienic, durable, and resistant hoses. The chemically inert nature of ptfe material means it does not react with the products that are transported through a PTFE flexible hose, and the low coefficient of friction helps keep liquids flowing without accumulating residues and allowing for easy cleaning and transferring. Moreover, PTFE is non-toxic and an excellent choice for hoses that are subject to constant pressure and vibration and also offers electrical insulation.

Designed for a range of fluid transfer applications, the Unisource TSVO series features heavy-wall PTFE convoluted bore with large convolutions that allow media to flow freely. This allows for easy clean up and conveying of chemicals, gases, petroleum-based fuels, hydraulic oils, lubricants, and water. These hoses are PTFE lined with a stainless steel braiding and offer superior chemical resistance, high and low temperature ratings, and an excellent flex life.

The PTFE hoses are also ideal for chemical plants as they have been designed to resist various types of chemical reactions and ageing damage. Additionally, PTFE hoses have been constructed to maintain high sanitary standards and are compatible with a variety of steam sterilisation processes. This minimises the chance of medicinal materials or substances being leached during transportation and can help to ensure that the purity of chemicals is maintained at all times. This can be a critical factor when working with sensitive medicinal solutions and pharmaceuticals. ptfe hose manufacturer

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