What is Fashion?

Fashion is the general style, practice or mode of dressing of an individual or group. It is also a means of self-expression and communication. Fashion is influenced by culture, environment and society, and it is very much a form of art, just like painting, music, architecture or sport. The clothing and adornments of an individual reflect their lifestyle, personality, and social status. It is a global phenomenon with a great influence on culture and the economy of countries worldwide.

It is an ever-changing trend that can be difficult to define. The line between fashion and anti-fashion is blurred as styles that were once considered to be outside of the changing trends become incorporated into them, for example, elements from ethnic dress, or the way in which tattoos are swept up into popular culture, or how music videos incorporate elements of the latest trends in clothing and makeup.

If you are writing a fashion article, it is important to decide what exactly it is that you are writing about. A quick look at the trending topics will tell you what is currently in and what is out.

The best fashion articles are those that take it beyond what is current and talk about the inspiration behind the design, the materials used, or the message that the designs convey. The reader will be much more interested in these aspects than in the specific clothes or accessories themselves.

The emergence of fashion as a major industry can be dated back to the middle of the 14th century. Then it was the era of the trendsetters, men and women with fame, talent, an interesting personality or beauty who could move masses and boundaries by their mere presence.

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