InSinkErator Grain Disposal Systems

The InSinkErator food waste disposal system is a revolution in household kitchens. It allows you to dispose of food down the drain without having to put it in a bin, which attracts pests and creates unpleasant smells. Instead the waste is ground up into a liquefied form and passes down into the sewage network and escapes the property, keeping your kitchen safe, hygienic and waste free. At Heritage Plumbing Group, we specialise in installing InSinkErator garbage disposal systems into your kitchens.

Both Waste King and InSinkErator offer a large range of disposal units in different price ranges and both companies manufacture high-quality disposers. The top models from both brands have a stainless steel or galvanized steel grinding chamber and stainless steel motors which can last up to 10-15 years depending on the frequency of use and proper maintenance.

Cheaper disposers from both companies have plastic grinding chambers and metal motors and tend to be more prone to damage due to their cheap materials. It is also common for both brands to have clogs and jamming issues that are often not covered by their warranty. Some consumers have reported problems with their Waste King or InSinkErator product such as a short-lived disposal, a defective model or an unsatisfactory installation process.

InSinkErator is an American company based in Wisconsin and is known for its signature sound-sealing technology and anti-vibration design which makes their disposers quieter than other brands. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of disposals, and their products include both personal and commercial/industrial garbage disposal systems and instant hot water taps.

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