Vacation Rentals in Cartagena Colombia

Whether you’re looking for a vacation rental in the heart of the city or a condo on the beach, Cartagena Colombia offers a wide variety of options. This enchanting seaside town is steeped in history chronicled on the Old Town’s 8-mile wall, and its tropical climate and miles of shoreline invite you to dip your toes in its turquoise waters.

The city’s colonial past is reflected in its courtyard homes, cobblestone streets, and flowered balconies. But you’ll also find a thriving modern side to the city, with trendy neighborhoods like Getsemani where eye-catching street art and cafes abound.

A stay in a luxurious vacation rental can be more affordable than staying at a hotel, and you’ll enjoy the luxury of your own private space, plus amenities that aren’t available at hotels such as high-speed internet and a fully equipped kitchen. Plus, you’ll get a better feel for the local culture and a true taste of Colombian life when you choose to rent an apartment or house as opposed to a hotel room.

Vacation rentals in Cartagena can range from cozy two-bedroom apartments to expansive beachfront villas. Some of the top-rated accommodations include La Toscana Cartagena, Apto Cartagena Frente Al Mar – Palmetto Piso 23, and Casa Ganem Suites.

The most common amenities in a Vacation Rentals in Cartagena are air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a full kitchen. Other popular features include a jacuzzi, a pool, and a terrace or balcony. You can also find accommodations that provide a washer and dryer, so you can keep your clothes fresh throughout your trip.

When you decide to stay in a Vacation Rentals in Cartagena, be sure to research the neighborhood to ensure that it’s safe. You should also be aware of the local customs and traditions, as they may differ from those of your home country.

While some visitors prefer to explore Cartagena on their own, a local guide can help you discover the best of the city’s sights and attractions. A guided tour can also help you avoid getting lost and save time. You can choose from a number of private guides, who offer tours to suit your interests and budget.

The cost of living in Cartagena is relatively low, compared to other countries. This means that your retirement savings will go far in the city, and you’ll be able to enjoy all that this beautiful coastal town has to offer without breaking the bank. The average exchange rate is 2,900 Colombian Pesos to US $1, making it an ideal place to retire for those from the USA or Europe. In addition, real estate in the city is quite inexpensive. A new two-bedroom apartment in a great location, such as the one at Casa Cartagena, can be found for around $300 per month. This type of full-service Vacation Rentals in Cartagena is a favorite among retirees. The monthly rent includes utilities and a cleaning service. The building has security, an elevator, and a shared pool. Vacation Rentals in Cartagena Colombia

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