Top 5 Employee Communication Apps

Employee communication apps are a great way to distribute information quickly. These digital tools allow employees to chat and manage tasks from one place, saving managers and workers time.

Many apps offer multiple features, including instant messaging and intranet feeds. Other tools provide push-to-talk voice communication. These solutions turn smartphones into walkie-talkies, and help organizations stay connected with their field workforce.


Boost frontline engagement with one-app access to everything they need. Staffbase is an end-to-end internal communications platform for planing, communicating, engaging, and measuring that unites more than 1,000 enterprise organizations with employees. Its powerful analytics let communicators seize opportunities for truly impactful communications and quantify the results of their work to stakeholders.

Its email management tool helps organizations create brand-compliant emails and track performance. It also provides detailed metrics to identify patterns in employee response. Its chat feature allows communication teams to connect with employees in a way that is intuitive and efficient.

The app offers a wide range of features and functionality, including scrolling news feeds, desktop alerts, and screensavers. Its features include color-coding messages based on urgency, which ensures that the most important information is pushed to employees first. It also supports multiple languages, and users can customize the app to fit their organization’s needs. Its customer support team is available around the clock to answer questions.


Founded in 2012, Beekeeper is an award-winning communication and collaboration app for frontline business employees. It combines crucial operational systems and helps teams communicate in real-time, resulting in greater productivity and engagement. It also improves the digital workplace by reducing information siloes and improving transparency. Its customers include hotel chain Hilton and cement manufacturer Holcim.

It helps employers to overcome the “Great Frontline Disconnect” by connecting and engaging non-desk workers, helping them fill shifts faster and reduce absenteeism. It also helps businesses to save time and money by digitizing information-intensive processes, as found in a McKinsey study.

Beekeeper is an all-in-one Frontline Success System that connects non-desk employees globally and unifies all operational systems in one place. Employees get direct access to their paystubs, shift schedules, training records, daily tasks and checklists, 3rd party payroll data and other key operational documents in a single location that’s designed for how they work. They can also share content instantly via streams, peer-to-peer chats and campaigns.


Nuovoteam is a push-to-talk (PTT) app that allows organizations to communicate with their non-desk workforce. It features real-time clock in/out and geotagging capabilities, allowing users to track their productivity. It also provides a variety of communication tools, including instant messaging and group calls.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for non-desk employees to use. Its mobile PTT app supports a wide range of devices, from smartphones to rugged and custom PTT devices. It also works on Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

The platform offers instant messaging, VoIP calling, and video calls. It can also be used to facilitate crisis communications. Users can create channels such as public, private, and closed for different types of team communication. They can also share documents, images, and warnings through the app. In addition, users can access the app’s file storage and edit their settings at any time. They can also manually add user information or upload a CSV for external contacts.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and file-sharing platform that lets users work from anywhere. It also features a suite of tools that can boost productivity in the workplace.

This includes the Google Docs suite of cloud-native applications, which is tightly integrated with Drive. You can share files in the suite with users that don’t have a Drive account, and you can choose to let them edit everything or just add comments.

Easily collaborate in real time with Drive’s support for 100+ file formats. You can even save Office files without losing their original formatting, making them easier to read and edit. The app’s robust search functionality can identify text in scanned documents and images, so you can find what you need quickly.

The platform integrates with 1500+ apps and services, including Slack and Trello. It can automatically save an email attachment to Drive, or you can create a Google Docs link in Slack and upload it to the appropriate channel.

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