How to Find Entrepreneur Mentorship

Entrepreneur mentorship is a must-have tool for any aspiring or current business owner. Mentors provide guidance based on real-world experience, connections to other mentors, and physical resources to aid in your business growth. They are also a great source of support and encouragement. Mentors help mentees gain confidence, and push them to do more than they would on their own.

To find a mentor, start by looking at your own networks. If you know someone whose business you admire, ask them if they have time for a mentoring relationship. They may say no at first, but if you’re persistent and show genuine interest, they may agree. You can also reach out to entrepreneurs at local events or through professional organizations. LinkedIn is another great resource, as many business owners have profiles on the platform. You can also look for mentors through online mentorship programs. Clarity, for example, offers on-demand consultant calls with experts in specific areas like business development or pitching to investors.

For more formalized mentorship opportunities, you can participate in the CIE’s Mentor Program, which pairs students with experienced entrepreneurs based on their needs and expertise. The program is a great way to test out your entrepreneurial skills, and it’s a chance for you to give back to the community and inspire the next generation of business leaders. To get started, fill out the Student Mentor Request Form. The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship also hosts special skill-building sessions and workshops for mentors to learn how to be an effective mentor.

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