Polyva’s Rotary Drum FFS Machines for Laundry Detergent Packaging

POLYVA works closely with household detergent companies in China and oversea, focusing on developing rotary drum FFS machines to manufacture single and multiple chambers unit dose water-soluble capsules delivering any combination of liquid, granule, powders, gel. Our products have been widely used for liquid or powder laundry detergent packaging, pesticide, industrial product, daily chemical packaging and other kinds of water-soluble plastic film packaging.

Laundry Pods Packaging Machine
As pollution is becoming an increasingly central issue in the global community, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. PVA film offers an environmentally friendly alternative to other packaging materials. Unlike plastic, this polyvinyl alcohol material is entirely biodegradable and dissolves in water. This makes it perfect for laundry pods.

NZM350 Cost-Effective Laundry Pods Packaging Machine
Designed with precision, the NZM350 laundry pods packing machine operates at a rate of up to 800 pods per minute. This high-speed functionality amplifies production capabilities, optimizing business output. The machine also consumes less energy, reducing operational costs. Its low noise levels also ensure a smooth operation.

A key feature of the NZM350 is its durability, which ensures that it can withstand harsh conditions and resist damage. It also offers a secure seal, which protects the contents from premature dissolution and prevents leakage. This ensures that the detergent is fresh and safe for consumers. Its strong load bearing capacity also allows it to support various types of containers and shapes. The machine is easy to use, making it ideal for new entrepreneurs. polyva

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