Pharma Shopping – The Benefits of Online Pharma Shopping

For consumers with a prescription, online pharmacy shopping offers convenience and a way to save money. The most significant benefit, however, may be the peace of mind that comes from having a medical professional oversee the purchase and delivery of your medication. This can be especially important for people with chronic health conditions.

The growth of online pharmacies has been spurred by skyrocketing drug costs, with rising deductibles and copays hitting millions of Americans. The pain is felt most acutely by those without drug coverage, but even many who do have insurance are facing high out-of-pocket costs.

Whether they operate in-store, in the mail, or online, all types of pharmacies need to find new ways to meet consumer needs. This means finding innovative strategies that balance the benefits of speed and convenience with the need for a personalized experience. For example, some mail-order pharmacies offer video telehealth visits to help build a personal connection while still providing the convenience of ordering and receiving medication from a remote location.

In addition, online pharmacies should seek to bridge the potential gap in consumer trust that can come from a less-personal approach to drug purchasing. For example, some of the more well-known online pharmacies in the US are a part of the Pharmacy Verified Websites program to ensure that they are legitimate. Canadian pharmacies should also verify that the websites they use are certified to sell drugs in Canada by contacting the provincial pharmacy regulatory authority for their province.

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