Matching Your Tuxedo With the Right Shirt

In the world of men’s formalwear, Tuxedo is a symbol of elegance and sex appeal. It’s the most commonly seen style of black tie attire, which is typically reserved for highly-formal events like galas, award ceremonies, and upscale weddings. From its aristocratic debut in the late 1800’s to its iconic appearance in the cinema of Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and Leonardo DiCaprio, the tuxedo has become synonymous with luxury.

As with most formalwear, it’s important to match your tuxedo outfit with the proper shirt. When choosing a white tuxedo shirt, avoid anything that’s printed, has vertical pleats or is woven in pique (a stiff fabric with a dimpled texture). Instead, look for a plain, satin-woven tuxedo shirt with a bib front. A bib front is much more sophisticated than what a baby wears while eating mushy peas, and it doubles the chest fabric of your shirt, making sure that whatever you’re wearing underneath your tuxedo jacket is not see-through.

The bib also features an extra row of buttons, which helps keep your shirt buttoned properly. Lastly, choose a black bow tie that complements your shirt. Tuxedo

As for shoes, stick to derby shoes, oxfords or monk shoes. Anything else will look out of place.

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