Ithmid Kohl Uk

Ithmid Kohl Uk

Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic & medicine traditionally made by grinding a natural stone into powder. It is known by different names in different cultures around the world (kohl, kajol, kahwaal, surma, tiro etc). It has been used for thousands of years for both its cosmetic and medicinal properties including darkening of the eyelids, preventing fatigue of the eyes, strengthening of the vision & cleansing of the eyes of harmful materials.

The prophet (Sly llh lyh wslm) himself applied it to his eyes on a regular basis. This is a clear Sunnah and one that we all should follow as it can have tremendous health benefits for the eyes. It also makes a beautiful and unique adornment for the eyes.

Often times it is hard to know whether or not a particular kohl is actually pure ithmid. It is important to remember that this product will have passed through a long chain of wholesalers, distributors and retailers before it gets to you. So if you can, ask the seller if they are able to trace where the kohl came from and how it was crushed into powder. This way you will be able to make sure that the kohl you are buying is not only pure and lead free but also authentic.

Many people have been asking what type of rock is used to make ithmid kohl, especially the black and red types. The answer is that both are a form of galena but not all forms of galena are the same chemically. This is a well known concept in chemistry where rocks with similar names can have very different properties and act differently. Ithmid Kohl Uk

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