How to Change Background in Teams

How to Change Background in Teams

Are you tired of the same old background in Microsoft Teams? Well, you’re in luck! This article will show you how to easily change your background and give your video calls a fresh new look.

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to customize your background with ease. Plus, we’ll share some tips and tricks to help you create a professional-looking background.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and transform your Teams experience!

Understanding Background Options in Teams

To change your background in Teams, you’ll need to understand the available options.

Microsoft Teams offers a variety of background options to enhance your video calls and make them more engaging.

The first option is the default background, which is your actual surroundings. If you want to maintain a professional look, you can choose the blur background option. This will blur the background and keep the focus on you.

For a fun and creative touch, there are also preloaded background images available. These include office settings, landscapes, and even virtual backgrounds.

Additionally, you have the option to upload your own custom background image. This allows you to personalize your video calls and add some personality to your virtual meetings.

With these background options, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any Teams call.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Background in Teams

Follow these simple steps to easily modify your backdrop in Microsoft Teams.

First, open the Teams app on your computer and join or start a meeting.

Once you’re in the meeting, click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen to open the More actions menu.

Next, select the option that says ‘Show background effects.’

A sidebar will appear on the right side of the screen with various background options.

Choose the one you like by clicking on it, and it will instantly replace your current backdrop.

If you want to use your own image as a background, click on the ‘+’ button and select the image from your computer.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy a personalized backdrop in your Teams meetings.

Exploring Custom Backgrounds in Teams

In Teams, you can easily personalize your backdrop by selecting different images or uploading your own. This allows you to create a more customized and professional look for your video meetings.

To explore custom backgrounds, simply click on the three dots at the bottom of the meeting window and select ‘Show background effects’. From there, you will see a variety of preloaded options to choose from. Whether you want a serene nature scene or a sleek office setting, there is something for everyone.

If the preloaded options don’t suit your style, you can also upload your own image by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. This gives you the freedom to showcase your personality and make your video calls more engaging and visually appealing.

Tips and Tricks for a Professional Background in Teams

If you want a more polished look for your video meetings in Teams, try using a neutral or professional image as your backdrop. By selecting a background that is clean and simple, you can create a more focused and distraction-free environment for your meetings.

Avoid using busy or cluttered backgrounds that may divert attention away from the main topic. Opt for a plain wall, a bookshelf, or even a virtual background that mimics a professional office setting. This will help you maintain a sense of professionalism and credibility during your meetings.

Remember to also pay attention to lighting and positioning to ensure that you are well-lit and centered in the frame. With these tips and tricks, you can easily achieve a more professional look for your video meetings in Teams.

Trouble shooting Background Issues in Teams

To troubleshoot any issues with your video background in Teams, first check that your camera is properly connected and functioning. Make sure that the camera is securely plugged into your computer or device. If you are using an external camera, ensure that it is turned on and set as the default camera in your system settings.

Next, check the video settings in Teams. Click on your profile picture, select ‘Settings,’ and then navigate to the ‘Devices’ tab. Ensure that the correct camera is selected under the ‘Camera’ dropdown menu.

If the camera appears to be working fine, try restarting Teams or your computer. Sometimes a simple restart can resolve any temporary glitches.

If the issue persists, consider updating your camera drivers or contacting technical support for further assistance.


So now you know how to change the background in Teams! By following the step-by-step guide and exploring the custom background options, you can personalize your video calls and make them more engaging.

Remember to keep it professional by following the tips and tricks for a polished background. If you encounter any issues, refer to the troubleshooting section for solutions.

With these skills in hand, you’re ready to make your Teams meetings visually appealing and professional.

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