Free Advice Employment Law

Free Advice Employment Law
Unlike criminal cases where court fees must be paid to issue a claim, there are no fees payable to an employment tribunal at present. However, there may be expenses or costs incurred during the case such as travel, payment to another party for photocopying or courier services, GP records, expert medical reports and Barrister’s fees (if instructed).

It is important to organize your facts well before attending your consultation so that you are clear about what you want from the case and the outcome you are seeking. You should also bring any relevant documents with you to your appointment. One hour is usually enough time to have a discussion about your case and obtain at least a basic opinion of how your matter could be approached and how much it is likely to cost you.

Most solicitors offer a fixed fee option which provides clients with some level of cost certainty. The fixed fee can include full representation up to and including an Employment Tribunal hearing or it can be limited to a specific type of work such as advising, assisting and representing you through the Acas Early Conciliation process. Some employment lawyers may also offer a conditional fee agreement which involves the solicitor taking a percentage of compensation awarded if the case is successful. Other arrangements such as damages-based agreements, retainer fees and legal aid are available to some claimants who meet certain financial criteria. free advice employment law

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