Choosing an EV Charger For Your Home

An EV charger allows you to power your electric car at home, saving money and emissions. The best EV chargers will be safe, fast and reliable. Whether you want a super simple, low-cost cord for Level 1 charging or a smart EVSE that integrates with your phone app to let you review your charging history, monitor real-time usage, start and stop a charge or schedule the timing of your next charge, there’s a home EV charger that fits your lifestyle.

The most basic EV charger plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet and adds about 3 miles of range per hour of charging. Many EV owners also choose to install a Level 2 charger that’s connected to a dedicated, 4-prong outlet that typically powers electric stoves and clothes dryers. These EV chargers typically provide 32 amps (7.7 kW at 240 volts) and can fill an electric car’s battery in about two hours (Rav4 Prime) or less than 10 hours (Model 3 Long Range). Most homeowners will need a household electrical panel upgrade to support these speeds, and they require a professional installation.

Most EVs have built-in features that manage the charging rate to maximize battery longevity. In many cases, this means avoiding full charges and only topping off to 100% when you’re on a long trip. Some EV chargers come with scheduling features (via mobile app) that automatically delay starting or stopping the charge at your chosen time, so you can take advantage of cheap electricity rates overnight. EV Charger

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