Choosing a Baby Boy Name

When it comes to choosing a baby boy name, many parents are looking for something unique. And the good news is that there are plenty of options out there. One of the best places to look for names is the Social Security Administration (SSA). The agency keeps track of the most popular boys’ names each year, based on new social security card applications. This year, there are some big changes in the top 10, with Noah, Oliver, and Liam all dropping down to make way for newcomers.

Some old-fashioned names are having a moment, too. Theodore climbed up to No. 11 this year from No. 24 in 2020, probably helped by the popularity of Broadway sensation Hamilton. Levi rose to No. 18 after actor Matthew McConaughe named his son after the biblical character. Jack jumped up 10 spots, likely influenced by the likes of actors Chris Pratt and Hugh Jackman.

Other names have made their way back into the top 100, including Asher, which means ‘fortunate, blessed, happy one’. Damon, which was a fav of Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio, is rising again along with Dewey and Morris. Luca, which is loved by Colin Firth and his Italian wife, is also on the rise.

Other cute boy names include Abiah, which means God Saves; and Jesse, which is a biblical moniker that refers to the tree of David in the Bible. Acacius, which has been a favourite of stars including Stacey Solomon and cleaning queen Mrs Hinch, is another great choice. And if you’re after a rare name, there are plenty of animal monikers to choose from, such as Wolf and Fox.

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