Xender —The Daily File Transfer Volume Has Reached 100 Million Pieces

Emerging countries’ special market environment for software and hardware products,Xender ---The Daily File Transfer Volume Has Reached  100 Million Pieces  Articles create natural developing advantages for Xender. After nearly four years of efforts, Xender has made remarkable progress in gaining users in developing countries. Nowadays, the daily files transfer volume of Xender has reached 100 million, besides, the special environment of emerging markets has made Xender become the users’ main way of access to digital resources.


Comparing to developed countries, the fledging software markets of emerging economies are far from sufficient in terms of supply and quality of smartphone applications. Because of this, most of users prefer to and share resources through offline activities and association.


You may ask why? The emerging markets started comparatively late. Although these areas possess huge potential for fast economic development, conditions for development such as internet infrastructure Internet are often limited. People in most regions still don’t have access to mobile internet or the connections they use are really low-speed.  Good internet connection may be sometimes available but high fees (in comparison to local wages) may force wanna-be-users to look for some alternative, cost-efficient methods of access to digital resources. Xender is exactly one of such alternatives.


Xender’s “Flash transfer” function enables users to share resources for fee and without using mobile data, what instantly solves the difficulties of users in emerging markets in accessing resources.


Zero Data Usage: Comprehensive Optimization Of Operating Experience

Testing the newest version, our users will find that the version 3.1 still fulfills Xender’s aim to satisfy the “Zero Data File Transfer” need of the user, that is to freely transfer information resources without cellular Internet connection and data usage so that Xender’s functions can eliminate the necessity of using other wireless transfer tools. Besides, the shortcut button available in the home screen simplifies operating steps and saves transfer time as well. In addition, when the two phones connect successfully,  various applications from your friend’s phone will be listed on your own phone and you will see each others’ applications immediately.


Flawless  Connection: Cross-platform Transfer

As an application dedicated to “Zero Data File Transfer” Xender also pays close attention to the cross-platform transfer. Aiming at satisfying the needs of users, Xender eliminates the incompatibility among Android, Apple, PC and Windows Phone, meanwhile, allows each user of mobile devices, PCs and tablets to find transfer options while using Xender. The launch of Xender version 3.1 with the cross- platform transfer function drastically reduces users’ operating time and enhances user experience. Upload Files

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