Why Celebrity Bodyguards Are So Popular

Celebrities may look like they have it all when they walk down the red carpet or strut through the grocery store, but even the sexiest stars struggle with paparazzi and crazed fans. Luckily, they can hire a bodyguard to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. The job isn’t easy and requires a lot of training, so it’s no surprise that they charge a pretty penny for their services.

Many celebrities require security when traveling, especially to new places. Experienced celebrity bodyguards can assess the area and find the best routes for the client to take so they won’t get surrounded by crazy fans or rouge characters. They also ensure that the celebrity is safe at all times, including when they’re eating or sleeping.

Sometimes a celebrity will employ bodyguards to be a part of their entourage rather than a personal protective officer. This is a great idea for well-known celebrities who have children, as it allows them to be more free while still being able to see their bodyguards around them at all times. The downside to this is that it can make it more difficult for the celebrity to connect with their family, so the decision to do this isn’t taken lightly.

One of the most famous celebrity bodyguards is Julius de Boer, who works with Beyonce and Jay-Z. He’s obscenely good looking and takes his job seriously, which is probably why the queen bee trusts him so much. He has been with the couple since 2008 and has seen it all, so he knows how to protect them. Joseph Daher

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