What to Look for in an Online Training Program

Online training program is a specific type of learning platform that delivers eLearning content to employees, whether they’re working at the office, on the go or in their homes. A good online training program will include interactive courses, gamified interactions, simulations, quizzes and tests, and more. Typically, the training will also feature supplemental material like video lessons, job aids, and e-books.

Many people associate online training with “death by PowerPoint(tm),” but a well-designed online training program is much more than a series of online slideshows or YouTube(tm) videos. The most engaging online training programs present learners with a variety of interactive opportunities to interact with and test their understanding of course materials, including flashcard drills, game-based learning activities, discussion forums, and even full-immersion virtual worlds (which can be a great way to train new hires).

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular because it helps reduce the cost of employee training. Companies can save on travel, food and lodging expenses, as well as the costs of bringing in trainers or providing off-site training facilities. Online learning is also a more flexible option, as it allows employees to complete training on their own schedules and from anywhere in the world.

But the most important thing about a successful online training program is its ability to provide measurable and effective professional development that can improve employee performance and help you achieve your business goals. That’s why it’s essential to choose an online training program that includes not only the eLearning content you need, but also a robust online learning management system (LMS) that can measure learner engagement and success with your brand-new skills.

A robust LMS should be able to deliver a wide variety of learning content types, including interactive courses and quizzes, simulated environments, interactive presentations, e-books, job aids, and supplemental materials like video lessons and e-books. It should also include features to help you keep track of the progress and performance of your employees, such as a robust reporting tool that lets you view and analyze data from your online training program.

Finally, a robust online training program should support collaboration and communication among your employees. It should offer everything from Zoom-call office hours with instructors, to asynchronous communication via email, and even social learning components like collaborative workspaces and professional social platforms.

When it comes to a comprehensive, effective online training program, you’ll want to ensure that your company has all three things: an instructional design team that can create the eLearning content you need. A robust LMS that can deliver measurable and engaging training to your employees. And the right online learning experience, which means a great-looking user interface and an easy way for employees to access the tools they need. A lot of this can be achieved with modern eLearning authoring software, which you can find in many different vendors’ packages and at various price points. Just make sure you do your research to select the one that fits your needs and budget. Online träningsprogram

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