What Is Sex Therapy?

If you’ve never been to sex therapy, your picture of it might be influenced by what you see in movies or on TV. But sex therapy is actually quite normal and can be very helpful. A fulfilling sex life is important for both physical and emotional health, and sex therapists can help people navigate relationship and sexual difficulties.

Sex therapists often treat issues such as sexual dysfunction, which can include pain during sex, erectile dysfunction and desire disorders. But they also address psychological problems that can impact sexual desire and satisfaction, such as anxiety, depression and substance use. These problems can stem from cultural, religious and societal beliefs about sex and intimacy; poor communication with partners about sex and sexuality; or an individual’s negative body image.

Some sex therapists offer video sessions rather than in-person meetings, which can be a good option for those with mobility concerns or living remote from the nearest sex therapy clinic. However, Ms Mourikis says that some people like to have a physical presence during their sessions.

The number of sessions you might attend depends on your needs, as will the length of each session. Ms Mourikis explains that the first few sessions might focus on understanding what you want to achieve from sex therapy, and how your current sex life is delivering.

Throughout treatment, your therapist will guide you through insights-oriented work, such as processing the psychological causes of your sex and relationship challenges. And they may assign “homework” that includes practice of sensual touch and sex techniques.

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