What is a Phone Answering Service?

A phone answering service is a business call center that is used to take calls for a company. They follow scripts provided by the client to help with customer service and also to collect important information. The calls are then routed back to the client with the information they need. Often, companies use them for after-hours support or when the office is closed.

There are a lot of different phone answering services out there. Some are specialized in specific industries and others offer more general services. For example, a medical answering service may have trained operators who are familiar with the lingo and how to handle calls for a doctor’s office or a dentist. Other answering services may simply be able to provide callers with basic answers, like directions or contact information for a company.

Some businesses choose to work with answering services because they can be much cheaper than hiring an on-site receptionist. Plus, many call answering services will allow the client to publish a second number for their business on their website and forward all of their calls to that number. This gives the business a professional number that customers can call and also keeps their personal number private if they want.

Other benefits of using a phone answering service include filling in the gaps of call coverage, improving customer experience, and freeing up employee time so they can focus on more important tasks. Having someone on the other end of the line for your customers is critical to building brand loyalty and a positive reputation. Plus, when a call goes to voicemail, it’s easy for the customer to get frustrated and to think that the company is not responsive.

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