Walmart’s Workout Supplies Have You Covered

Whether you have a full garage or basement to fill with home workout equipment or just a corner of an apartment or dorm room, there are plenty of options for building muscle and taking care of your aerobic exercise needs. From barbells and dumbbells to a pull-up or dip station, Walmart’s strength & weight training section has everything you need to step up your strength and intensity.

If you’re tight on space, resistance bands are a compact and budget-friendly option for adding more intensity to your workouts. They look like giant rubber bands and are usually color-coded to indicate their tension level, so you can easily find one that matches your fitness level. Most sets also include accessories, like handles and door anchors, to improve your range of motion and allow you to perform more exercises. Another space-saving addition to your gym gear is a foam roller, which can be used to relieve muscle tightness and increase your range of motion post-workout.

A treadmill is a must-have for anyone serious about home fitness. Walmart’s selection includes models from top brands with features like touchscreen displays, built-in speakers and built-in music storage to make your treadmill workout more immersive. If you’re buying for a friend who loves to live the wellness lifestyle, consider restocking their supplement supply with a protein powder or superfood blend that can give them energy and boost their performance during a workout.

Lastly, you’ll need a yoga or Pilates mat to do your low-impact floor exercises and help cushion your joints. Whether you’re shopping for an advanced practiced or someone who is new to the discipline, you’ll find options from high-end brands like Manduka and inexpensive ones that provide just as much support for hot yoga classes.

For those who want to take their at-home cardio to the next level, a jump rope and a set of exercise bands are a great place to start. Easy to store in a closet or under your bed, these pieces of equipment can add a cardio element to your home workouts that isn’t as impactful on your knees as running. For a total body strengthening workout, a set of ab wheels and gliding discs are a smart purchase. And if your muscles are feeling the effects of a good sweat, a massage gun can be a godsend after your workout. This portable version from Theragun is a dream gift for anyone who regularly suffers from post-workout muscle pain and stiffness. workout supplies

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