Using Ewarrants to Automate the DUI Warrant Process

Ewarrants are a tool for law enforcement to ensure that people who are driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs don’t get on the road. They can be used to request a blood test from someone who has been pulled over for swerving or other suspicious behavior. This is particularly important for repeat offenders, who have learned that they can avoid DUI penalties by refusing to take a breathalyzer or other tests.

An Ohio court has developed a free eWarrant system to automate the warrant issuance process and improve data collection, archiving and reporting. The application, available through the InnovateOhio website, can be integrated with many record management vendor systems, making it an easy and efficient option for agencies to use.

However, the eWarrants application is not without its issues, and many agencies are finding that it can be difficult to use. According to an article from the Columbus Dispatch, the system is prone to errors and some local arrest warrants never make it into the statewide or national database.

To address this issue, it is recommended that your department establish a task force made up of end-users to help implement the new eWarrants software. This should include your police chief, police records personnel, warrant officers and judges. It is also a good idea to perform an internal review or study of how much time your agency spends on the traditional warrants process each year. This will allow you to estimate how much the eWarrants system could save your department in personnel hours and money. Ewarrants

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