The Benefits of Separation Agreements

A separation agreement can help couples create a clear, understandable document regarding their financial arrangements. This can include how each spouse will support themselves, any children and their property. If a couple later decides to divorce, this document can help make the process less complicated and expensive for both parties.

Aside from providing clarity and stability for both parties, this type of contract can also help prevent miscommunication or confusion during a separation or divorce. For example, the language of a separation agreement can set a firm and clear timeframe for when the parties intend to end their marriage. It can also clarify which property is subject to equitable distribution and how this will be determined.

In addition, a written separation agreement can help prevent arguments over what was supposed to be done with marital property or who is responsible for paying bills. While it is possible to negotiate these details outside of court, an experienced attorney can help both parties protect their legal rights and interests while making sure that the final separation agreement complies with state law.

Separation agreements can be amended or rescinded, depending on the terms of the contract and what both spouses want to do. Typically, a separation agreement will become void if the parties start living together again with an intention to reconcile and the contract will contain a clause that indicates this. In some cases, the agreement may become part of a subsequent divorce judgment.

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