The Benefits of Online Coaching

Online coaching allows coaches to build a business that is not tied to their time, but rather the clients they work with. This is a great way for coaches to focus their efforts on building the best coaching experience they can and also attracting the right clients that will benefit most from the coaching they have to offer.

Using systems that enable coaches to easily track the performance of their clients and provide regular feedback is a key component to online coaching. This makes it far easier to keep the client engaged with the coaching process and ensure they are getting value for money from the investment they have made in their own health and well-being.

Another benefit of online coaching is the ability to communicate with clients around their schedule, whereas face to face and 1-1 personal training typically works on a session or hourly basis. For example, if a client has an urgent work meeting that prevents them from making their scheduled coaching session, their coach can still meet with them on the side or even catch up later in the day by using instant messaging platforms like Trainerize.

It can be challenging to attract a steady flow of clients in the early stages of an online coaching business, especially without an existing network and social proof to draw from. However, with a little creativity and hard work coaches can quickly close this gap by working pro bono to get testimonials and press attention, offering introductory discounts to attract their first clients, or simply putting in the time to create engaging content that showcases their expertise. Online coaching

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