The Benefits of Frequency Work

Frequency work is an effective way to stimulate muscle groups over a prolonged period of time. This may accelerate progress, especially for intermediate and advanced trainees. It also allows for greater repetition of complex movements, which can enhance motor learning and speed up the rate at which new skills are acquired. High frequency training is particularly beneficial for those with a lower level of experience, as it may allow them to overcome plateaus more quickly than traditional training.

The term frequency refers to how often a periodic phenomenon repeats over a given time period. For example, the number of cycles per second of an alternating current sine wave is its frequency, measured in hertz (Hz). Other types of frequencies exist, such as wavelength, which measures the distance between one peak and the next in a wave or the distance from one trough to the next.

When it comes to equalization, decreasing an instrument’s frequency can result in a flatter sound, while increasing it adds depth. Likewise, using too many frequencies in a mix can overwhelm other instruments and create muddiness.

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