Socket Head Screw

Socket Head Screw is a screw type that has an internal drive built into the head. These screws are designed to be tightened and loosened with an Allen wrench or hex key (rather than a screwdriver). Socket head cap screws are more efficient than other drives like Phillips or flat heads and are less prone to cam-out.

Socket cap screws have a wide bearing surface under the head, which allows them to support more weight than other screw types and provide better clamping force. This is particularly useful when working in a confined space with limited side clearance.

Hex socket cap screws also have a deep hex recess and thick side walls which make them the strongest of the socket head caps and offer the highest preload ratings. They are typically used in applications where a traditional socket head cap screw is not suitable due to height restrictions.

Button head socket cap screws have a lower profile than standard hex heads and can accommodate more torque without loosening. Their round head profile is also ideal for safety applications where sharp edges could snag on moving machinery or equipment.

Duplex 2507 stainless steel socket head cap screws are commonly used in food and beverage applications because of their high corrosion resistance and high tensile and yield strength. These screws are available in a variety of diameters and lengths. These bolts are rated to grade 12.9, meaning they have a minimum Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) of 1250 MPa and a minimum Yield Strength of 900 MPa.

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