Shocking Facts About ADHD

Did you know that brain injury, environmental exposure and low birth weight can be the causes of ADHD in children? Before beginning the treatment for ADHD, it is necessary that parents educate themselves on the various facts about ADHD, as a proper treatment can only be carried out if there is sufficient knowledge about the disease. So if you are looking for facts about ADHD, read this article to learn about some of the shocking facts regarding ADHD.

As already mentioned, ADHD can result from brain injuries, environmental factors and low birth weight. Apart from these, the other causes of ADHD include hereditary issues, unhealthy lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy and so on. However, the exact cause of ADHD is still unknown. Generally there are three forms of ADHD – inattentive, hyperactive and combination of the two. Among the three, the combined form is the most common and it is also found that ADHD occurs more among boys than among girls.

Even while research has helped bring forth a number of useful facts about ADHD, it still remains a truth that diagnosing ADHD is not simple. Just by observing a few behavioral traits in a child, no one can conclude for sure whether they have ADHD or not. For proper diagnosis of the disease, a number of physical as well as psychological tests have to be conducted and interviews have to be held with parents, teachers and peers to get a detailed account of the child’s behavior. Among the many known facts about ADHD, one that stands out is that a number of children are incorrectly diagnosed and receive treatment even while they are free of the disease. At such times, proper awareness of the facts about ADHD becomes vital.

Research has brought out many such odd facts about AHDH. While most of it has been positive and helpful, some rather shocking and disturbing facts about ADHD have also come to the forefront. For instance, it has been observed that the prescription drugs used in the treatment of ADHD cause a lot of harm to the child and also lead to potentially fatal problems. Increased heart rate, hypertension, vomiting and stomach ache are some of the common side-effects of prescription medications.

Even though researchers have come up with many facts about ADHD, the most shocking of all is that the most commonly prescribed medication that parents buy for their child without even a second thought, is in fact a slow poison that not only causes the common side effects, but also destroys the child’s future by causing depression, heart attack and psychological disorders in adulthood, and in worst cases these medicines may even prove fatal. So it is only normal that more and more parents are being informed about this shocking fact and are now opting for natural ADHD remedies.

It therefore becomes very important to understand the need for alternative therapies for ADHD. While a proper diet and counseling go a long way in curing ADHD, natural medications like homeopathy are found to be very useful. These natural medicines are safe, gentle and greatly help in reducing the occurrence of ADHD in children. Would you not want your child to recover completely from ADHD? If you really do, then turn to natural medications. ADHD medications help by not only curing the disease but also by passing on lots of positive effects on the overall health of the child. vyvanse 30 mg capsule

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