Qualities of a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyer is a legal term that refers to an attorney who represents clients in divorce proceedings. A qualified attorney can assist with many of the issues involved in a divorce, including property division, child custody and spousal support.

There are several key qualities to look for in a divorce attorney, according to experts. One of the most important is clear communication. During the divorce process, your attorney should clearly understand and convey your honest goals and legal interests. A good divorce lawyer is also an effective negotiator and able to facilitate fruitful discussions with your spouse’s attorney and other parties involved in the case.

A divorce attorney must be able to work under pressure. As you get through your divorce proceedings, things may not always go exactly as planned, particularly if the other party fights tooth and nail to keep certain assets or denies child custody requests. A good divorce attorney can remain calm and help guide you through these challenges, as well as other issues that may arise throughout the legal process.

A seasoned divorce lawyer can also save you money in the long run. For example, if you are able to reach an agreement with your spouse on all issues except for property distribution and alimony/spousal support, your divorce lawyer can file a document that allows the court to approve your divorce without going to trial. This option is often known as an uncontested divorce. If you are unable to settle on all issues, your divorce lawyer can still be helpful by guiding you through the mediation or collaborative law process. Scheidungsanwalt

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