Nusa Penida Tour – A Hidden Paradise

The island of Nusa Penida is a hidden paradise – if you know where to look, that is. With its gorgeous scenery, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals, the island is a one-of-a-kind destination that is sure to leave you in awe. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable romantic getaway for two or an adventurous experience with friends, Nusa Penida has something for everyone!

There are so many incredible landmarks to visit on Nusa Penida, from Kelingking Beach and Smoke Beach to Banah Cliff Point and Saren Cliff. However, there are also lesser-known attractions such as Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach that are just as breathtaking.

While visiting these amazing destinations, there are some things you should keep in mind to help preserve the natural beauty of the island. For example, be sure to use coral-safe sunscreen when swimming in the ocean – Nusa Penida’s beautiful reefs are thriving thanks to this.

Another important thing to remember is to respect the locals and their culture. Violent crime is almost unheard of on the island, but petty theft can occur, so it is best to be aware of your surroundings. Finally, please do your part by bringing a bag with you to collect any trash that you see on the island, as this is a big problem in some areas.

If you want to experience the best of Nusa Penida, then check out this amazing tour! You will get to visit all of the top landmarks, from soaring cliffs and dreamlike beaches to coral reefs and colossal manta rays. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to sleep in an enchanting tree house, wake up to the sound of geckos chirping, and explore a one-of-a-kind temple! nusa penida tour

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