MMA Training Gloves

MMA training gloves are designed to protect the hand and wrist during intense sparring, bag work, and clinching. The layered foam padding in MMA training gloves reduces the impact of punches and kicks to minimize the risk of serious injuries. This type of padded protective gear is available in two main styles: striking and grappling gloves. While MMA gloves are generally used for striking, many people find that these gloves also allow for improved grip and a stronger fist in the case of grappling techniques.

There are many different brands of mma training gloves on the market that provide good quality for a fair price. The best mma gloves for training are those that offer good hand protection, a strong fit, and a durable construction. A good pair of mma gloves for sparring and bag work will also feature a thumb pad to protect the hand.

One of the better mma training gloves available is made by Venom, a top manufacturer of fighting equipment throughout the world. These gloves are a bit heavier than the Combat Sports and RDX models listed above, making them better suited for bag work and sparring. The knuckle pads in these gloves are a little narrower and more rectangular than the oval shaped pads in the other pairs listed above, which makes them less suitable for stand up striking.

Another good pair of MMA training gloves is made by GEL, a brand that specializes in martial arts gear. These gloves are designed to be a combination of striking and grappling gloves, so they have both a thicker pad on the knuckles for striking and a thinner, more open palm for grappling. The GEL pads are also pre-curved, which makes them easier to form a fist for striking. Gants mma entraînement

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