Marine Insulation – The Special Application of Insulating Materials Used on Naval Ships and Offshore Oil Rigs

marine insulation is the special application of insulating materials used on Navy ships, private yachts, commercial vessels, shipping ships and offshore oil rigs. It’s meant to reduce the transfer of thermal heat, vibration and noise within and around a ship or rig.

The insulating material used on naval vessels must meet strict standards for fire protection, as well as provide superior thermal and acoustic performance. AP Armaflex closed-cell foam insulation has been specifically designed for use on boats and ships, resulting in outstanding condensation control, ease of installation, and superior strength.

Because the hull of a ship is often exposed to water and the ambient water temperature is significantly lower than the inside air temperature, it’s essential for insulation to limit heat transfer between the hull and the water as well as prevent moisture condensation. Insulation must also help protect machinery, piping and ducts against excessive heat caused by overheating.

For these reasons, insulation must be able to withstand extreme exposure to saltwater and harsh environments. Also, because steel boats can rust quickly, insulation must be able to resist corrosion and stand up to constant exposure to freshwater and the elements. The ideal insulation for these conditions is a closed-cell spray polyurethane foam, such as AP Armaflex, which offers superior condensation control and provides excellent moisture resistance. It is also incredibly lightweight, yet very durable and can be finished with an anti-fungal coating to resist mold and mildew growth.

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