Managed Cybersecurity Services

Providing in-house expertise for cyber security is costly, and even more so for small to medium sized enterprises. This is why managed cybersecurity services (MSS) are a popular option. MSS solutions combine tools, technologies and human expertise to help bridge the existing skill gap in your organization. They can also offer scalable, cost-effective and round-the-clock monitoring.

One of the most significant challenges businesses face is finding and retaining skilled staff, especially for complex and talent-heavy areas like cybersecurity. MSSPs are a strong solution to this problem, as they provide 24/7 monitoring from their security operations center (SOC), threat intelligence amplify context and proactive alerting. MSSs are also able to provide comprehensive incident response capabilities, which include remediation and threat hunting services.

MSSs are also able to provide continuous monitoring for regulatory compliance, as well as generate incidents and reports that demonstrate compliance. This helps keep cybersecurity aspects aligned with industry standards and can eliminate time-consuming and complicated data processing.

Another core component of an effective MSS is endpoint detection and response (EDR). EDR enables organizations to monitor the behavior of their computers and mobile devices in real time. This information is then analyzed to detect patterns that are out of the ordinary. This allows an MSS to identify and respond to threats before they cause any damage. Most of the best MSSs use technology that is tool-agnostic, ensuring that all data is seamlessly integrated to avoid alert noise and increase response efficiency.

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