M&A Training – How M&A Training Can Help You Avoid Deal Failures

M&A can be a rewarding career but also a difficult one. Deal failures are a common problem and can result from a lack of planning, improper due diligence or unrealistic expectations. Fortunately, M&A training can help you avoid these issues and ensure that your mergers and acquisitions are successful and beneficial for all parties involved.

This comprehensive online course covers the entire M&A process from strategy and target identification through deal design, negotiation strategies and post-merger integration. It covers everything from alternative valuation and pricing models, to deal structure, accounting considerations, tax planning and much more. And it’s all done in a sequence that simulates the M&A process from start to finish.

This course is a great way to get to grips with the financial modeling that M&A requires. It goes through each part of a model in detail, discussing each calculation and giving you real-life examples so that you can learn the best techniques for M&A modelling.

This course is ideal for CXOs and other senior level professionals that may need to be involved in M&A transactions. It includes sessions from our M&A Science Virtual Summit and is designed to give you a rounded insight into the entire M&A process from start to finish. It covers topics such as how to prepare for M&A, the deal types and processes, the challenges and risks, and even discusses takeover defence strategies which is an important topic that’s often overlooked. The course is delivered by industry practitioners and comes with unlimited access to workshops and networking events as well as the training materials. m&a training

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