Internet Marketing Tools – Graphics Basics

Graphic design is an intimidating subject for many Internet
entrepreneurs. However,Guest Posting most of us must learn some basic
design techniques in order to avoid the high costs of hiring
a professional designer.

In order to create or edit your graphics, you’ll need to
invest in a good graphics program. The most popular program
used by Internet marketers is Paint Shop Pro. This powerful
program is the only program you’ll need to design
professional looking graphics. You can download a free 30-
day trial and register the software for only $99.

Image Formats

The most popular image formats used on the Internet are GIF
and JPEG.

Graphic Interchange Format, better known as GIF, uses a
maximum of 256 colors and is best suited for images such as
logos, buttons and bullets.

GIF images can be saved in two different formats:

– 87 – 89a

The 89a format is the preferred GIF format, as it has the
following benefits:


Images saved in the 89a GIF format can have a transparent
background. This will enable the canvas of an image to be
transparent and enable the background to show through.


Images saved in the 89a GIF format can be saved as
interlaced. This will enable your image to display as it is
being loaded into a web page. The image will gradually
become clearer as the page loads. best clipping path service provider

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