How to Turn Off Flashing Light on iPhone

How to Turn Off Flashing Light on iPhone

Your iPhone can alert you to messages and app notifications through a variety of methods. These can include sound, vibrations, and a flash on your camera.

While this is a useful feature, it can be distracting for other people. If you want to stop the LED flash from blinking when you receive an alert, it’s easy to do.


If you’re an iPhone owner and aren’t happy with the flashing light that comes on when your device gets a notification, there are ways to easily disable it. The best way to do this is through the settings on your phone.

When your phone receives a notification, it can notify you through sound or vibration, through an alert on the screen, or by any other means you’ve configured for that particular app. Typically, you’ll want to be alerted when your phone receives a notification in one of these ways so that you don’t miss anything important.

For many iPhone users, it’s helpful to be able to see a visual indicator of incoming messages or notifications. Thankfully, Apple has thought about that and added an option to turn the LED flash on your iPhone when you get a call or message.

The good news is that this feature is easy to enable and doesn’t have any lasting effects on your other alert settings. In fact, you can always toggle it back on if you decide that you want to use it again in the future!

To do this, head over to the Settings app and open the Accessibility section. Scroll down to the Audio/Visual menu and tap on “LED Flash for Alerts.”

This is a feature that’s meant for people with hearing impairments, but it can be useful for anyone who prefers to receive a visual notification when they receive an alert. Once you’ve disabled the flashlight, it won’t affect any other alerts that you have set for your Messages app or other apps on your iPhone that use flash notifications.

You can also use the flashlight shortcut in Control Center on your iPhone to quickly turn off the light, too. Just make sure you’re running an updated version of iOS and enable it by tapping on the green colored + sign next to the ‘Flashlight’ control under ‘MORE CONTROLS’ in the Control Center.

Finally, if none of these options work and you’re desperate to turn off your iPhone’s flashlight, you can try resetting it by doing a reset on your device. However, this can be a time-consuming process and may not save all of your data on your phone.


For some people, receiving alerts on their iPhones can be challenging. This can be especially true for those who have hearing disabilities or prefer to receive notifications through visual means rather than audio.

Fortunately, there are several accessibility features available to help users receive alerts and notifications without missing them completely. One of these is a flash notification feature that makes the LED flash on the back of your iPhone blink when an incoming alert arrives.

This is a great option for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and it works well with Android phones, as well. It can make it easier to notice incoming alerts while talking with someone, or when your phone is face down and volume muted.

To turn on this feature, you need to follow a few simple steps. These instructions will vary depending on what company makes your smartphone, but they should be fairly similar across the board.

First, open the Settings app on your device and find Accessibility. Once you’re there, you’ll see a button labeled Audio/Visual under the Hearing section of the menu.

From here, you’ll need to scroll down until you reach the LED Flash for Alerts option, which should have green shading around it. If this is the case, you’ll be able to enable it by tapping on it and then tapping the toggle button to turn it on.

Once you’ve done this, the LED flash on the back of your iPhone will start to flash alongside any incoming audio and vibration notifications you receive. This can be very helpful, but it can also be a bit distracting, particularly in a dark room.

If you don’t want this to happen, simply disable the LED Flash for Alerts feature by reopening the Accessibility menu and tapping the Audio/Visual option under the Hearing section of the menu. From here, you can then turn off the LED Flash for Alerts feature by tapping the button to the right of it.


If you’re an iPhone user, you may have heard about the LED flash notification that can be used to alert you to incoming messages and calls. It can be a handy feature if you’re in a loud environment, are using your iPhone face down or have hearing loss issues. However, some people find this annoying and would like to turn off the LED light.

If this is the case, you can disable the LED flash on your iPhone by following a few simple steps. First, open the Settings app and select Accessibility. Then, scroll down to the HEARING section and choose Audio/Visual.

Next, you’ll need to scroll down to the Audio/Visual menu and click on LED Flash for Alerts. You’ll see a toggle switch that can be turned on or off.

Once you’ve switched it on, the LED flash will go off whenever you receive an alert. It can be especially helpful if you’re having trouble hearing your phone or if it’s in a noisy area, such as a theater or restaurant.

You can also turn on the Flash on Silent option to make it flash even when you’re in silent mode. This will be very useful if you want to have your device blink without the sound of a notification.

In fact, you can even turn it off by just saying “Hey Siri.” Once the voice command is activated, Siri will automatically switch off your iPhone’s LED flash for notifications. It will take a few seconds for the process to complete, but it’s an easy way to remove this annoying feature from your iPhone.

LED Flash for Alerts

For years, Android smartphones have had a dedicated LED notification light near the selfie camera that would glow when there was a message or call. It’s a great feature, but it can also be distracting in certain situations.

iOS devices have a similar feature called “LED Flash for Alerts,” which is used when a user receives an incoming phone call or text message. It works by using the same LED flash that’s used for taking photos in dark environments, but it’s toned down and only flashes when an alert is received.

This feature is designed to help deaf or hearing-impaired users who can’t hear the usual ringtones and vibrations for incoming calls and messages. It can also be helpful for people who are in a sound-sensitive environment and want to avoid being distracted by loud ringtones or other sounds.

To turn on this feature, open the Settings app and scroll down to the Accessibility menu. Select Audio/Visual and then tap on the button labeled “LED Flash for Alerts.”

You’ll now see a toggle that allows you to activate the feature or disable it. In the same window, you’ll also find a button labeled “Flash on Silent.” Tweaking this option to the off position will prevent the LED from blinking for all notifications, calls, and texts when the physical mute switch is in the silent position.

Note that this option will not affect other iPhone features that utilize the flash, such as the camera or flashlight. You can also use this setting to control the LED for the ringer when your phone is in silent mode by tapping the “Flash on Silent” button.

To turn off this feature, follow the same steps above and scroll to the bottom of the screen. This will reveal another option, which is called “Disable/Toggle off LED Flash for Alerts.” Then toggle this switch to the off position and your flashing alerts will be disabled.

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