How to Make Gemstone Beaded Bracelets

Gemstone beaded bracelets aren’t just a trendy fashion accessory, they have been long worn for their alleged healing properties and spiritual meanings. For example, rose quartz is believed to calm the mind and promote peace, while emerald symbolizes abundance and prosperity. You can also create a bracelet featuring your friend or family member’s birthstone to honor them on their birthday or special occasion.

This high-vibe bracelet features a mix of calming and energizing gemstones. The calming Amethyst is joined by the power-giving crystal Rose Quartz to bring balance and peace into your life. The faceted gemstone beads are strung on our Extreme Flex beading cord and finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Start by cutting a length of elastic cord that will be the length of your bracelet plus three inches on each end for knotting. Be generous when measuring the cord to avoid having it stretch or shrink while you’re stringing and tying your beaded bracelet. You’ll thank yourself for the extra space later.

Begin by threading a few seed beads and then the focal bead onto the cord. Stitch through the cord and bead a couple of threads down from where your thread exited to secure the bead. This extra stitch will help to form a decorative picot that keeps the bead level on your bracelet.

Continue to add the rest of your beaded bracelet’s beads. Finish off the strand with another bead and then a crystal spacer. Repeat the pattern of bead and crystal spacer until you reach the desired length of your bracelet. Before you finish tying your bracelet, slip on the silver toggle clasp to make sure it is secure. gemstone beaded bracelets

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