How to Make a Katana Sword

A Katana is a long sword that has a distinctive curved blade. This weapon is a symbol of Japan and is often seen in movies, as the heroes slice through vampires, zombies or aliens. It is important to take good care of a Katana to prevent it from being damaged or falling into the wrong hands. For example, it is advised to store the katana in a sheath when not in use, so it does not collect moisture that can lead to rusting.

The process of creating a katana can last several months. Pieces of various types of tamahagane metal are heated until they are red hot and then forged together using a hammer, to create a block of steel. This is repeated many times, as the smith carefully elongates and folds the block. This is called Muromachi wo utsu (folding method of forging).

When the tsuka core is wrapped, the smith may add other ornamental features to the handle. These are known as horimono and typically consist of dedications written in Kanji characters or engravings depicting gods, dragons or other acceptable beings. The tsuka is then adorned with a samegawa, which is traditionally made of ray skin, a tough and grippy material that can be either genuine or synthetic.

A professional sword polisher will rub the katana with a series of stones, to achieve a mirror-like finish. This is not just for aesthetic reasons; it helps to improve the balance and control of the sword. A full tang, which extends all the way through the handle, is preferred, as it is more resistant to bending and warping. buy demon slayer katana online

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