How to Find the Best Blow Dryer For Curly Hair

For wavy to curly hair types, the right blow dryer can make or break your style. Harsh heat treatments can damage your curls and leave them looking dull and frizzed – but with the right tools, you can maintain healthy-looking strands while still getting a sleek and bouncy blowout.

A few key factors to keep in mind when shopping for the best blow dryer for textured hair:

Look for a high-quality ionic hair dryer that emits negative ions, which help smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz and flyaways. This technology also helps your strands dry faster. “If you have fine or fragile strands, you’ll want to choose a dryer with low temperatures and a higher air flow,” says stylist Nicole Karkalis of Chicago’s blow dry bar Blowout Junkie. A dryer with multiple heat and speed settings is ideal, too: “It’s important to have the ability to rough dry your hair with high heat and then switch to a lower setting for gentle styling,” explains stylist Nadine DeBolt of the blowout salon Drybar.

A blow dryer with a diffuser attachment is another must-have for curly hair: “This tool is essential to drying and defining wavy to curly hair,” explains stylist Kasper Heemskerk of the ghd salon in New York City. The best ones feature a deep bowl that keeps the heat and air flow within the curls, so they don’t flatten or stretch out. Also, look for one with little grips or prongs inside that help reduce frizz and create definition. best blow dryer for curly hair

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