How to Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinet Design

Achieve sleek lines by painting your cabinets a monochromatic color. White is a popular choice, but other shades can be equally alluring. Light blue and green are classic hues that won’t go out of style, while deep navy offers a timeless statement. For a touch of drama, add a subtle hint of curve to the cabinetry by adding a recessed panel or applying a mullion detail.

If you want a more subtle look, opt for smooth-front doors and linear metal pulls. In this kitchen, designer Ben Hawkswell at Roundhouse kept upper flat-panel cabinets simple to create a clean-line appearance and let the botanical-themed wallpaper and backsplash shine.

Choose wood species that complement your kitchen design. For example, designers often use alder, which stains beautifully and supports both modern and traditional designs. Meanwhile, walnut offers a richer look that pairs nicely with both contemporary and midcentury-inspired kitchens.

Consider a natural high texture in your cabinetry. This can be achieved with painted wood, but a natural-looking finish also works in reclaimed-wood cabinetry. Natural high texture also brings a warm, organic air to the kitchen.

If your kitchen bleeds into the dining, living or mudroom area, you can create consistency by matching your paint and hardware across these rooms. Designer Karen Swanson of New England Design Works opted for a similar door style, but swapped out the knobs with handles to accentuate shapes and play with details. kitchen cabinet design

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