How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag For Camping

When you go camping how well you sleep will be very dependent on your sleeping bag. If you have the wrong type of sleeping bag for the situation your sleep can be miserable. That can ruin the whole trip. Here is help on how to pick the right type of sleeping bag for camping.

Picking the right bag for sleeping does not have to be difficult if you know what to look for. Consider the following factors to help make your decision easy.


Due to obvious reasons, price is an important factor in each purchasing decision made for choosing the right sleeping bag. To prevent the risk of failing to achieve the necessary camping and sleeping factors, it is an excellent idea to not get worry too much about the issue of cost until after every factor has been taken into consideration. You can never put a price on quality. Choose the design that is essential for your needs, read some reviews with regard to that product, and if you have finally decided, then consider with the dollars.


You must know that good sleeping bag is a part of an outdoor sleeping system. There are obviously other parts of the system that comes with the sleeping bag: clothing (layers), shelter, bag, pillow and pad. In all cases, whatever the brand you are considering, the goal in knowing the appropriateness of an outdoor sleeping system is comfort.

Lightweight bag

For great distances, the bag must be backpacked, so find a sleeping bag that is light in weight. A lighter bag can help lessen the burden of the trekking and it can make way for some other essential camping items. However, the bag weight is also affected by the anticipated weather exposure. Choose the right sleeping bag that is durable and resistant to relative weather changes and condition. You need a bag that can keep you warm and would allow you to stay cool. If you are up in the mountains, and you want insulation, you can have a bag that is spacious enough to allow bed clothing that is insulated.

Shell and lining

The standard fabric used for the shell and lining of a good sleeping bag is nylon. It is durable, fast-drying, comfortable and breathable. Sometimes, polycotton is used for the lining for it is comfortable as well. However, it is slow-drying and when wet can feel clammy.


Comfortable sleeping bags vary in size, so it is appropriate to check the sleeping bag’s data and when in the shop, try the bag on for size. The most efficient is a close-fitting bag. Some bags are even designed for women who are narrower and shorter.

Side zips

For you to get into your bag easily, carefully consider the zipper system first. Side zips extend along the length of the bag. This type of zipper design can be very helpful. You have the ability to open the bag at the bottom to allow your feet to cool down. Half-length side zips create a lighter weight for the bag; however, this potentially can make the bag too hot for use in warmer climate conditions. Some bags have baffle openings that allow for ventilation and these can be helpful as well. MK bags in uk

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