Fenben Powder

Fenben powder is a medication that treats worms and parasites. This includes roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. It is typically used in veterinary medicine but has recently been used by people with cancer as part of the Joe Tippens Protocol.

Often times, your veterinarian will prescribe a compounded version of fenben for your pet if there is a specific reason that they can’t use an FDA-approved medication (such as if they have trouble swallowing pills in capsule form). A compounded medication is made by a veterinarian or licensed pharmacist on a case-by-case basis to best suit the needs of a patient.

The fenbendazole in this product is a cyclodextrin clathrate which increases the solubility of the drug and stability. It is also a more effective deworming agent than the original powder. It is prepared by adding a certain amount of cyclodextrin to water, heating and dissolving it, then adding fenbendazole dissolved in ethanol. The solution is cooled to precipitate a solid, which is then dried and crushed to obtain the fenbendazole soluble powder.

This medication is used for deworming cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, fur animals and chickens, geese and ducks infected with nematodes (including mature and immature forms), some types of cestodes, and trematodes and their eggs. It is applied with morning feed. fenben powder

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