Electrical Panel Upgrades in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Dunedin and Pinellas County, FL

Your home’s electrical panel is where all the electricity that comes into your house is divided up to power each of the lights, receptacles and other devices in your home. It’s a very important piece of equipment and it’s a safety mechanism that should be inspected and maintained by a licensed professional on a regular basis. The electrical panel is usually located in a grey metal box on the wall in your garage or basement near where the electricity enters your home. It contains a set of circuit breakers that are designed to stop the flow of electricity when there is too much.

Most homes will need to replace or upgrade their electrical panels over time. This is because the old fuses or circuit breakers can’t handle the high demand of electricity required to run modern appliances and devices in our homes. Licensed electricians can install a new breaker panel that will be able to adequately supply the power demands of your home’s electronics, appliances and other devices.

You may need to replace your breaker panel if you notice that it’s not switching on or off like it should. Other signs that it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel include seeing burn marks on the inside of your breaker box or having problems with a faulty breaker that trips frequently or even just dies out completely.

Working with electricity can be very dangerous and should never be tampered with by non-licensed professionals. If you need an electrician to replace a fuse box or perform a full electrical panel upgrade in your Clearwater, St Petersburg, Dunedin, Pinellas County, FL home, contact our team today to schedule service! Electrical Panel Clearwater

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