Changing Your Iphone's Name

Changing Your Iphone’s Name: A Quick And Easy Guide

If you’re tired of seeing the generic name of your iPhone every time you connect it to another device, it’s time to give it a personal touch. Changing your iPhone’s name is a quick and easy way to make it truly yours.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do it in just a few simple steps.

First, you’ll need to access the Settings menu on your iPhone. Once you’re there, navigate to the General tab and select ‘About Your Device.’ Within this menu, you’ll find the option to change the name of your iPhone.

Simply enter your desired name, save the changes, and you’re done!

Not only does changing your iPhone’s name add a personal touch, but it also makes it easier to identify when connecting to other devices. So why wait? Follow this guide and give your iPhone a name that reflects your unique style and personality.

Accessing the Settings Menu

Now that you have your iPhone in hand, let’s delve into the settings menu and unlock a whole new world of customization options.

To access the settings menu, start by tapping on the ‘Settings’ app on your home screen. It’s the one with the gear icon. Once you open the settings menu, you’ll see a list of different options to customize your iPhone.

Look for the ‘General’ tab and tap on it. From there, scroll down and look for the ‘About’ option. Tap on it, and you’ll find the option to change your iPhone’s name. Simply tap on the current name and type in the new name you want.

Once you’re done, just press the ‘Done’ button, and voila! Your iPhone’s name is changed.

Navigating to the General Tab

To access the General tab, simply tap on the icon resembling a gear. It can be found on your iPhone’s home screen.

Once you tap on it, you will be taken to the Settings menu. The General tab is usually located towards the top of the menu, so you may not need to scroll down. However, if you do need to scroll, just swipe your finger upwards on the screen.

Once you reach the General tab, tap on it to open the General settings. Here, you will find a variety of options to customize your iPhone’s settings. From changing your iPhone’s name to adjusting accessibility features, the General tab is where you can make these changes.

Selecting About Your Device

Once you’re in the General tab, discover the captivating details about your device by selecting the ‘About’ option. This will provide you with a wealth of information about your iPhone.

You’ll find details such as the model, storage capacity, and iOS version. It’s interesting to see how much storage you have and what version of iOS you’re running.

Additionally, you’ll find the serial number and IMEI number, which can be handy if you ever need to contact support. The ‘About’ section also displays other important information like your network carrier and phone number.

It’s a great way to get a comprehensive overview of your device and its specifications. Take a few moments to explore this section and get to know your iPhone even better.

Choosing the Name Option

When you’re in the ‘About’ option, take a moment to explore the fun and creative Name option for your iPhone. Changing your iPhone’s name can add a personal touch and make it easier for you to identify your device in a crowded room.

To choose a new name, simply tap on the ‘Name’ option in the ‘About’ menu. You’ll see a text field where you can enter a custom name for your iPhone. Get creative and think of a name that reflects your personality or interests. Maybe you want to name it after your favorite movie character or give it a funny nickname.

Once you’ve entered your desired name, just tap ‘Done’ and your iPhone will now be known by its new unique name.

Have fun customizing your iPhone!

Entering Your Desired Name

Entering your desired name for your iPhone adds a personal touch and allows you to easily identify your device in a crowded room. To enter your desired name, start by going to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone’s home screen. Scroll down and tap on ‘General,’ then tap on ‘About.’

On the next screen, you’ll see the option to change your iPhone’s name. Tap on it, and a text field will appear where you can enter your desired name. Once you’ve entered the name, tap on ‘Done’ or the ‘Return’ key on the keyboard.

Your iPhone will then update its name, and you’ll see the new name displayed on the ‘About’ screen. Now, you can enjoy the personalized touch of having your iPhone named exactly how you want it.

Saving the Changes

To save the changes, simply tap on ‘Done’ or the ‘Return’ key after entering your desired name, and voila! Your personalized iPhone name will be updated and ready to show off to your friends.

It’s a quick and easy process that allows you to customize your device and make it truly yours. Once you’ve tapped on ‘Done’ or pressed the ‘Return’ key, your iPhone will automatically save the changes you’ve made to its name. You don’t need to worry about any additional steps or confirmation messages. Just make sure you’ve entered the name you want and hit that ‘Done’ button or ‘Return’ key.

Your iPhone will instantly reflect the new name, and you’ll be able to see it whenever you connect your device to other devices or view its information in settings. So go ahead and give your iPhone a unique and personal touch!

Verifying the New Name

Now that you’ve saved the changes, it’s time to verify the new name for your iPhone. This step is important to ensure that the name has been successfully updated.

To do this, go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on the ‘General’ option. From there, scroll down and select ‘About’. On the About page, you will see various details about your device, including the name.

Take a moment to check if the new name you chose is displayed correctly. If it is, congratulations! You’ve successfully changed the name of your iPhone.

However, if the old name still appears, don’t worry. Just repeat the previous steps and make sure to save the changes properly.


So there you have it, a quick and easy guide on changing your iPhone’s name. By following these simple steps, you can personalize your device and make it truly yours.

Whether you want to change it to your name, a nickname, or something completely unique, the process is straightforward and hassle-free.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it! Now go ahead and give your iPhone a name that reflects your personality and style.

Happy customizing!

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