Cache Level 3 and Early Learning Centres

Level 3 & Early Learning Centres

A level 3 childcare qualification is a great way to ensure your child’s early years educator has the right skills and knowledge. Generally, this will include working with children aged up to five and can be applied in a wide range of settings. It can also help you progress into higher education or to a career in the sector.

Many children spend more than a year with the same teacher at an early learning center, so they develop a strong relationship with their teachers. These relationships enable teachers to better understand their needs and provide the best possible care.

The PEI Government is committed to continuing investments in early learning and child care. These investments focus on expanding access and improving quality. They include enhancing the child care system to increase the number of spaces for children and improving its overall quality.

The level 3 childcare qualification in the UK is equivalent to a diploma and covers a wide range of topics related to early childhood development and care. This includes health and safety, nutrition, play and supporting children’s learning. Individuals with this level of qualification can work in a wide variety of childcare and nursery schools in England. These positions may be as an early years educator, a manager or in roles such as child minders and au pairs. Cache level 3 and Early learning centres

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