Best Whipped Soap

With their soft, luscious texture, whipped soaps can transform your shower or bath into an indulgent skin-pampering experience. They are gentle on the skin and can be easily customised with different oils and butters, colours and fragrances, transforming the look and feel of your favourite soap. They also work as a great shaving cream, providing your skin with a close and comfortable shave.

This nourishing shea butter whipped soap smells like desi gulab and contains skin-loving ingredients such as shea butter, goat milk and vegetable glycerin. It is paraben-free and has a natural, refreshing floral fragrance. This whipped soap is perfect for dry, thirsty skin.

Made with hydrating shea butter, this soap has a sweet and fruity fragrance of mangoes and berries. It is gentle on the skin and contains aloe vera for hydration. It is paraben-free and contains no added colorants or dyes, making it a safe choice for sensitive skin.

Make a gorgeous swirl of purple, pink and blue with this simple whipped soap recipe. It is free from titanium dioxide, making it suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. It is also vegan and naturally coloured using mica powder.

Once the soap base is completely cooled, add your colour and fragrance, mixing well. Once incorporated, pour the mixture into a piping bag and snip off one of the corners. This allows you to pipe the soap into your desired containers for a pretty and unique design. Best Whipped Soap

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