Benefits of Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are designed to run along the length of hallways, walkways and aisles. They deliver a variety of benefits, including providing guidance and safety, adding traction to prevent accidents, helping minimize static electricity and even offering fire prevention.

Ribs Improve Traction

Rubber runner mats are often crafted with wide ribs that help improve the level of traction they provide. Rubber naturally comes with a high coefficient of friction, but these wide ribs increase the amount of grip that they offer to prevent people from slipping and falling.

The Passages observer as much traffic as expressways in LA. Fortunately, there are mats that explicitly intended for shielding your rug or ground surface from getting street rash. Sprinter mats are rectangular and long so you can lay in a space with a ton of traffic. Not just these mats help in safeguarding your floor from tear and wear and yet, their plan massively affects a limited space. Trust everybody has loved the article. Go ahead and share your perspectives in the remark area. vintage persian rugs

Pro Tect’s top selling product, the Standard Corrugated Runner, is made from ECO-FI, a material that is 100% recycled from plastic bottles. By purchasing this runner, you are protecting your floors and helping to take these plastic bottles out of our landfills and oceans!

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