Bad Dad Jokes

When it comes to jokes, there’s a lot that goes into them: the setup, the build and the punchline. But when it comes to dad jokes, the rules are a little different. These cheesy riddles and puns are all about being whacky and corny — and sometimes they just work.

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or some quality time with your family, these fun dad jokes will make everyone smile. And who knows – some of them might even end up making your own father cringe (just like us).

While it might be tempting to dismiss dad jokes as bad, the truth is they’re actually quite interesting. In fact, they reveal a lot about how humour works and even how fathers relate to their children.

Dad jokes are a subspecies of cringe comedy, a genre of humour that deliberately embarrasses the target audience. However, they differ from other types of jokes in that the joke-teller suffers no embarrassment and, instead, derives amusement from causing his offspring to cringe. This teasing behaviour is similar to that found in other human species, and may even be a fundamental element of child development.

So, next time you’re feeling down, pull out one of these cheesy dad jokes and let the laughs begin. From why skunks stink to what you call a fish with two knees, these silly and cheesy jokes will be sure to cheer you up. bad dad jokes

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